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Vintage Girl Scout Pin Museum 1


The goal of the Vintage Girl Scout Online Museums is to be a rescource for all Girl Scouts and Girl Guides everywhere.
If you have an item not shown here and you'd like to share, please follow the instructions below...

Scan your pin(s) at 100% in 150 dpsi
(dots per square inch)
on a white background
if possible.
Badges and patches do better at 50%

We've also discovered that a color Xerox
of something does well too - just mail it
to me.

Crop the image to get rid
of extra backgound, if you can,
but don't worry if you can't -
I can edit some on this end.

Then send it to me by


Please let me know any information
you have on the pin that may be of interest
if I can use your name, initials
or anonymous as the donor of the image.

Please note that images
may be altered to fit the website
format, including changing size
or background color to
blue or white.

The Vintage Girl Scout Online Museums
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