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Golden Eaglet

The Golden Eaglet Award was the highest rank of Girl Scouting from 1916 through 1939. The requirements varied over the years from simply earning 14 of 17 specific badges to later requirements that included earning the Medal of Merit. In later years the number of badges was altered and a letter of Commendation was allowed in place of the Medal of Merit. A special form was used to apply for the award from the National Headquarters.

Originally called the Golden Eagle of Merit, the award  from 1916 - 1918 was an eagle with a wingspan making the item nearby twice as long as it was tall. It was attached to a red, white and blue ribbon.

In 1919 the design was changed to the ones shown below and the named was changed to Golden Eaglet.

According to the Girl Scout Collector's Guide, Juliette Low once wrote that "the five requirements for winning the Golden Eaglet are character, health, handicraft, happiness and service, and that others will expect to find in our Golden Eaglets a perfect specimen of girlhood: mentally, morally and physically."

Lines to a Golden Eaglet

I would wish you the range of the eaglet’s eye

The strength of his wings that your spirit may fly

Over all of life’s turmoil - your purpose held high.

I would wish you the courage to walk unafraid

Wearing proudly the symbol of your accolade.

Birdsall Otis Edey

Set of 3 Golden Eaglets
Image donated by Gail C. Schrader

1919 - 1929 pin is gold filled and measures about 1 1/8" by 1 1/8".
1930 - 1933 - changed to 10k.
1934 - 1939 pin is 10k and measures about 7/8" by 7/8".
1929 - 1939 minature pin was briefly gold filled then changed to 10k, measures 1/2" by 1/2". Meant for non-uniform wear.

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