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Vintage Girl Scout Pin Museum 1

Official Adult Pins

2004 Daisy Leader Pin

2004 Brownie Leader Pin

2004 Junior Leader Pin

Studio B Advisor Pin

Appreciation pins are awarded to adults at the council level, following established guidelines.

Appreciation Pin

Appreciation Pin

Current Appreciation Pin
Image donated by Angie Olds

Committee/Associate Pin

Generally, this pin was for anyone
who wished to be a part of Girl Scouting,
but for some reason,
could not be an active member.
At first, a committee member
had to pass the Tenderfoot Test,
 but this requirement was later dropped.
 The "GS" on the pin was added in 1933.
 Early versions do not have GS on them.

Adult Uniform Hat "GS" Emblem

Uniformed Hat Pin

Adult Uniform "G.S." Emblem

Adults of this period had a variety
of hats and uniforms,
most had the "G.S." emblem on the hat,
 on the shoulders of the uniform or both.
They came in bronze (common) with black paint and silver.
 1949 cost of a pair of GS emblems - 50 cents.

Diamond Chip in Miniature Trefoil Pin

Girl Scout Thank you Pin

Trefoil Lapel Pin


Currently for truly outstanding service of a Girl Scout member.
The honor has been around since 1913.
Approval from National Headquarters
 has been required since 1917.
 During the early years, the pin was awarded
 to members outside of Girl Scouting
as well as members.
 Generally red, white and green pins were for non-members,
and the red, white and blue was for members.
 That ended in 1958
when the red,white and green was discontinued.
There has been some changes in the metal
 used in the pin and since 1974
 the Thanks badge has been gold filled, metal.
A miniature Thanks badge was introduced in 1972.

Green Version of the Thanks Badge


This is a vintage green thanks badge
 is from the United Kingdom,
very similar to ours.
Older Thanks badges do not have the
enamel around the outer edge.
This one also does not have
the triangle in the center.

Lifetime Membership Pin - Traditional
1994 - current

Lifetime Membership Pin - Contemporary
1994 - current

Outstanding Volunteer
1987 - 2001

2001 - current


Donna Coates of Redmond, Oregon writes:
This was my Mother's leader pin from the 1960's.
She was a retired school teacher
and took on a brownie troop when she
was in her late 60's.
The numeral stands for 5 years as a leader
and the Brownie for being a Brownie leader.

Brown Owl Pin

Tawny Owl

Brown Owls were the leaders
 and Tawny Owls were the assistant leaders
 of the first official Brownie Packs.
 At first the pins were enameled brown,
switching to an orange enamel in 1934.
 The Tawny Owl pin had a design change early on.


Guard Pin
for Brownie Girl Scout Leaders
This pin is only 1/2"
and was attached to the membership pin
by a small chain.
 Wearing the guard pin replaced
the Brown Owl and Tawny Owl pins for leaders.
Also - this is the same design
of the original Brownie Girl Scout "elf" pin
- though that pin was larger.

Honor Pin
1987 - current

Awarded through the Board of Directors
of each council for outstanding work
done in two or more geographical areas of a council.

Leadership Development Pin
Leadership Development Pin
1987 - current

Introduced in 1987
 to recongize the continued training
of Girl Scout Leaders and Co-Leaders.
 Green, silver and gold metal leaves
are attached to show additional training beyond that.

Trainer's Pin with attachments
Trainer's Pin with attachments
1987 - current

Only one attachment is worn
with the Trainer Pin.
All three are shown here.

Outstanding Leader Pin
1987 - 2000

Pins are acutally the same size
2001 - current

Bridge to Adult Girl Scouts Pin
Bridge to Adults Pin
1987 - current

Completing the colorful
 bridging patch program
 is this pin.
Can be worn on the adult uniform,
 below the name tag
on the right side of the uniform.

Leader Position Pins

Campus Girl Scout Pin
Campus Girl Scout Pin
1974 - current

This optional pin is for
a certified
 Campus Girl Scout Group
 (over 18 years old, generally college girls).
It is worn with the Girl Scout membership pin,
but not with the numerals.

Years In Service Pin

Mini Pins

Miniature pins are for non-uniformed wear.
 The Campus Girl Scout pin may be worn
 with the miniature membership pins.
 The contemporary Girl Scout
 membership pin is not shown.

GSUSA ID Bar pin

GSUSA Indentification Strip
1960's -1970's

Originally an optional item for adult uniformed wear, it also became optional on Cadette and Senior uniforms as well. 1973 cost - 50 cents.


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