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Vintage Girl Scout Pin Museum 1



Swap Pin - this pin is not for trade!

Junior Girl Scout Swap Pin
"I Love to Swap"
(not for trade)

Email if you see something you'd like to trade for.
Don't want to trade? Make an  $ offer for a pin!
My trading policy:
1 pin for 1 pin except for underlined pins.
Underlined pins are hard to come by. They can be traded for equally desirable pins, or you can make an $ offer.
1 pin for 2 Green Angel On Duty patches.
If you contact me and we agree on a trade/sale, I will hold the items for 10 days.
I don't collect patches.
I have pins, patches, badges, insignias, handbooks, uniforms and more for trading. Email if you are searching for something.

Green Angel On Duty Pin
Available for Trade or Sale

Green Angel On Duty
pins are individually wrapped,
about 1" across with a butterfly clasp.
Pins are $3.00 each.
 Discount on orders in groups of 12., personal checks/money orders ok.

To Buy 1,2,3, etc pins via use this button >>>>>>>>

To buy pins in groups of 12 (25% discount) via, use this button >>>>>>>>

NEW! Patch Available
3" Oval patch with Gold Metallic Border

To buy 1,2,3, etc. patches via, use this button >>>>>>>

To buy patches in groups of 12 (25% discount) via, use this button >>>>>>>>

Official Pins
Thinking Day 2001
Thinking Day 2002
Thinking Day 2003
1963 Social Dependability
Brownie Friendship Pin (WAGGGS)
Cookie Pin (2001, orange)
Cookie Pin (2002, evergreen)

WAGGGS Friendship 1956-1976
Brownie Girl Scouts

Council Pins
Arizona Cactus-Pine (copper & blue) - NEW
Arizona Cactus-Pine (light blue)
Heart of Florida - 90th
Pacific Peaks - NEW
Northwest  Mississippi
Northeast Mississippi
Greater Minnesota
Tres Condados
San Diego Imperial County
Hoosier Capital (Valued Volunteer)
Commonwealth (VA)
Pines of Carolina
Nations Capital (green)
Nations Capital (flag)
Buffalo Erie County
Camp Pins
St. Albans 50th Anniversary (Pacific Peaks)
Tomahawk Ranch (Mile-Hi)
International Pins
Costa Rica Membership Pin
Costa Rica Flag
Philippine Membership Pin
Philippine Star (Brownie) level Pin
Philippine Cadet level Pin
Canada - 90th
Canada (round) Sun Never Sets...
Canada Guides (sunset, trees)
UK - Friendship (white trefoil, flowers)
UK - Yellow Trefoil
UK - Blue Trefoil
WAGGGS - 75th Anniversary
WAGGGS - Rights, Responsiblities
WAGGGS - Asia Pacific Region
WAGGGS - European Region
WAGGGS - Citizenship
Patchco Pins
Daisy Leader
Proud To Be A Girl Scout
Cadette Leader
Girl Scout Alumna
Fun Pins
Winter Pin - Polar Bear
Winter Pin - Penguin, Snowman
Winter Pin - Reindeer
For Every Girl Everywhere
I (heart) Girl Scouts

The Vintage Girl Scout Online Museums
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