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War, Service and Special Awards


Girl Scouting has a long history of placing civic duty above personal needs. They were ready, willing and able to pitch in where and when they were needed as early as World War I.

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Girl Scout Service Bureau Pin
Service Bureau Pin

Girl Scout Service Bureaus
sprang up in the early 1940's
in a respond to Girl Scout pleas
as to how they could help
their country during the war effort.
Using lists created by local councils,
girls selected projects and when completed,
they could wear this
1/2" red enamel trefoil pin on their uniform.
This pin could be earned by Brownies,
Intermediates and Senior.
 Original cost - 5 cents.


Liberty Loan Medal
Reads: "Girl Scouts War Service"
A national program designed to reward
 girls who sold a certain number
of Liberty Bonds to support the war effort.

Girl Scout Service Bars
age unknown

These pins pop up occasionally on online auctions. Not much is known about them; age, if they were national or local, requirements. Additional bars are "Thrift" and "Foods", maybe others. If anyone knows anything about this pin program, please email.

Girl Scout War Service Pin
Image donated by the Altvaters

Earning this pin was meant to encourage girls to give thoughtful, direct service in the war effort. 3 points earned the pin, with additional points earning color-coded ribbons. A sample listing of point earning tasks: knitting wool for the Red Cross, canning jams and jellies, selling Liberty bonds. Source: Girl Scout Collector's Guide.

Girl Scout Community Service Pin
image donated by the Atlvaters

After World War I ended, Girl Scouting continued with the popular service pin program, changing the name to Community Service program. This pin appears to be older than the lighter green pin (right) based on the shape of the trefoil.

Girl Scout Community Service Pin
image donated by the Altvaters

The Community Service Pin program lasted from 1922-1931, encouraging girls to give useful service in their local community. Points were earned and recorded in a girl's personal log book and once the pin was earn, color coded ribbons were issued.

Girl Scout Bronze Cross
image donated by Terry Beye

Life Saving Medal
Established to honor great heroism on the part of a girl, including putting one's life at great risk to save another's life.
Both the Bronze and Silver Cross designs changed over the years.

Girl Scout Silver Cross
image donated by Terry Beye

Life Saving Medal
Established to honor significant heroism, including putting one's life at risk.

Girl Scout Medal of Merit

Earlier titles were Badge of Merit and Gilt Medal of Merit
This award was basically a "character" award, for being an outstanding Girl Scout, but not having put one's life in danger. At one point is was required to have earned this medal to achieve the Golden Eaglet. Requirements changed over the years, causing confusion and the award was discontinued in 1925.

GIrl Scout Special Award
image donated by the Altvaters

Girl Scout Award Medal,
which was available from 1927 to 1929
(there were matching bookends and paperweights)

Girl Scout Honorable Mention Award
1937 - current


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