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Vintage Girl Scout Pin Museum 1

Credits, Links, Resources


Girl Scout & Girl Guide Equipment Catalogs

Girl Scout & Girl Guide Handbooks

Girl Scout Leader Magazines - Valuable for updating or changing information on programs as well as changes in uniforms/pins/badges.

Girl Scout Collector's Guide - Degenhardt/Kirsch - Out Of Print, but going to be reissued (and hopefully updated)! Stong on detailed information of uniforms, most official pins, badges, officially published items and insignia up to 1987. Weak in other areas of other GS collectibles; jewelry, hankerchiefs, dolls, cross-over promotional items, etc.

Scouting Dolls Through the Years - Sutton - just published

The History of Girl Guides - Kerr - out of print but fairly easy to find.

Trefoil Around the World - all editions were useful. Updated regularly.

Historical Record of Girl Scouting in Pierce County (Washington State) - compiled by Mrs. Robin Otis, published locally around 1968. Helpful in identifying the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund pins and their requirements.

And the Fence Came Down, local history of Tennessee GS Councils, Maienschein, Joyce K., & Eileen A. Neiler , 1993. Helpful in researching details of roundups and encampments.

Memories For A Lifetime, A History of Tanasi Girl Scout Council, compiled by Jerry Warwick and other GS volunteers, 1995. Helpful in the researching of details for roundups and encampments.

Some badge images came from "On My Honor" and "Whene'er You Make A Promise" by Hunt and Ross. These colorful paperdoll books were very helpful in sorting out the confusing cross badges of the early years and well as clarifying other badges.

Online Auctions - I collected the scanned images of rare or unique items from these resources. Since items were for sale, ownership of the image is questionable and unable to be listed.

"No man is an island...," the saying goes and the same is true for this ever-growing musuem. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write with an update, or who scanned a pin and sent it to me, or who simply sent words of encouragment.
Some have sent loads of images/information to me to help us all understand the history of Girl Scouting:
Special Thanks to:
Cal Holden, who has been invaluable for detailed dating on vintage membership pins, Mariner pins, solving tough "mystery pins" problems and being very helpful.
Carol & Ernie Altvater have emailed some fabulous, rare pin images with the history included. They have also been very helpful in keeping this website useful.
Angie Olds, great pin trader and image sender! She also helped me with a tough dating problem with the Friendship and Flag pins page.
Talli, another great pin trader who has sent some good images.
Diane Reyes, my sister - who donated her sash to my collection and tracked down information on the Girl Scout Rose.
Rosalie Simington, my best friend for over 30 years and never laughed at my near obsession with stopping at every thrift shop and antique mall I could find. I love her even though she was a CAMP FIRE GIRL !!!

Some Favorite Links:

Scouting Archives

This is basically a Boy Scout site, but he has devoted one section to Girl Scouting. It is worth your time! He has scanned in full page newpaper articles about Girl Scouting from the earliest days. It even includes an article about the Girl Scouts of America - a group that started in Iowa, but died out.

Jeff's Metal Detecting Site

Jeff uncovered the wonderful 1965 Senior Girl Scout "Sunburst" ring while pursuing his favorite hobby!

Visit Dan Jabe's Boy Scout Museum, an online reference full of scanned images of historical Boy Scout stuff.

John Delin & Pamela Boslet Buskin submitted this website a long time ago (Nov. 2003 - sorry it took so long!). It's a sweet look at some lovely vintage Girl Scout items from their community.

Syosset's Scrapbook

The Vintage Girl Scout Online Museums
GS History & S'More!