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Vintage Girl Scout Pin Museum 1

Site Map


The Vintage Girl Scout Online Museums
cover 9 separate websites!
This site map is to help you find what you are interested in looking at.
Please note - the site map is not yet complete!
Returning visitors - bookmark this page for updates and new items added. This is where I note all the changes since my last updates.
This website was mentioned in the NEW YORK TIMES on October 2, 2003!


1/20/05 - New mystery pin added to the "Unknown Pins" page". Looking for any information on this or any other unknown pins.
1/18/05 - The "Build a Brick" poster image and information was donated by the seller of the matching pin on Ebay. Check out the Unique Pins page.
1/6/05 - 11 new, official fun pins added to the Official Fun Pins page - 4 are for Brownies, and the other 7 are for everyone (Investiture, Camping, Parade,etc.)
1/5/05 - Angie Olds sent in several images of international pins - check them out! Canadian pins were moved to the International section with its own page. Site Menu page updated for easier viewing.
12/30 - Girl Scout Memorials and Markers page added to the GSPM2, new patch added to NCW page, GS Hankie, Scarves and Non-Uniformed Clothing, Piper Project, Bracelets and Sewing Kits updated.
12/16 - The "W" pin added to the Official GS Pins page, Philippine GS pins updated and moved.
9/4 - At long last - an image has been found of the formerly "unknown" design of the Troop Crest - the Clematis! It's only in black & white, but finally we know what it looked it. Check out the Troop Crest page in the Badge Museum.
8/27 - Starting a U.K. Badge indentification page.
8/26 - Refreshed and added to: United Kingdom 1 & Canada pin.
8/24 - International Pins website started - putting them all together for easier viewing. Many current international pin pages will be moving soon.
8/23 - Updating the Canadian Guides pin page - need help identifying pins!
8/21 - "Not Girl Scout!" page for items mistaken for Girl Scouts.
8/20 - Roundups page moved, International pins being added...
8/17 - New adult Leader pins added
8/16- Girl Scout headscarves completed. Money Banks added.
8/10 Bracelets added
8/8 - Non-uniformed clothing and Girl Scout hankies
8/5 - Cameras added.
8/4/04 - First Aid Kits, Unique Pins, Jewelry and Unofficial Fun Pin pages added.
7/29/04 - Will be spending time updating all the connected websites during August - sorry for any temporary problems this may cause. Moved Cookies, Green Angels and Camp items off of Musuem 1 to (new) Museum 4 and the (new) Camp Museum. More pages to be moved around to reduce crowding.
5/11/04 - Rice Conference GS pin added.
2/14/04 - Canada and Philippine pins are now added to Museum #2. Please help me to date or name these pins! WAGGGS page updated. Goldenrod Troop Crest now found in 2 versions!

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